Discover Inspiring Gatherings at ICC

Join us for a vibrant array of events that bring our community together in faith, fellowship, and service. From worship services to workshops, we offer inclusive opportunities for spiritual growth and connection. Whether you’re a member or a visitor seeking to deepen your faith, our events create moments of transformation within our hearts and outreach in our community. Explore our listings, mark your calendar, and be a part of these meaningful gatherings. We look forward to welcoming you!

Recent events

In a recent sermon, Jean from our Family Ministry explored the significance of adoration within the family, drawing inspiration from the teachings of Matthew 5. With warmth and insight, she shared how practicing adoration, both towards each other and in reverence to God, can fortify the bonds of love and unity within our households. His sermon served as a gentle reminder that through the act of adoration, we can cultivate an environment where love prevails and family bonds are strengthened.


In our recent gathering, Brother Torben shared invaluable insights on health and lifestyle optimization, all within the context of the transforming power of Jesus. With a passionate and holistic approach, he delved into the importance of nourishing our bodies and minds, offering practical tips and wisdom for living our best lives through faith.








Orchestra & Choir

At ICC, we are blessed to have a vibrant choir and orchestra dedicated to creating beautiful music for God’s glory and sharing His message with others. Whether you’re an experienced musician or just starting out, everyone is welcome to join our musical family. We believe in the power of music as a means of ministry and connection. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated on our rehearsals, performances, and opportunities to be a part of this harmonious journey.


Bible classes

At ICC, we offer engaging Bible discussion classes designed for those eager to deepen their understanding of the Bible’s core teachings. Our approach is interactive, driven by questions that prompt exploration and discovery within the pages of the Bible. These classes are open to all, whether you’re seeking to build a solid biblical foundation or simply looking to revisit the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Adventist Church. Join us every Saturday at 10 am as we delve into meaningful discussions and together, seek a richer understanding of our faith.”


Summer at ICC brings with it the joy of picnics—a cherished tradition where families, kids, and young people come together for delightful moments of togetherness. Our picnics are a delightful blend of great food, engaging discussions, and playful activities that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re relishing delicious treats, engaging in meaningful conversations, or watching the kids play, our summer picnics are the perfect way to strengthen bonds and create cherished memories with fellow members of our church community.

Football with friends

Join us for an exciting game of Football with friends as we extend a warm invitation to all. Every second Sunday, we come together for this enjoyable activity, offering an opportunity to make new friends and experience the sense of belonging that our church provides. No prior experience is needed—just a love for being active and a desire to connect. Come, be part of our friendly football gatherings, and discover the welcoming spirit of our church!